Newfood is a natural foods companies, offering 100% plant-based, all natural, delicious, innovative and convenient vegan food choices of the highest quality.
We are dedicated to improving human health, protecting environment and respecting animal welfare.

When formulating our products, we are uncompromising! Our products are made exclusively from good natural ingredients.

100% plant-based

100% natural
ingredients **

Gluten free


No bad fats *

No refined
sugars or salt

* No cholesterol, no trans fats, no saturated animal fats
** No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sodium glutamate, etc.

Why are our products 100% plant-based?

Did you know that the production of 1,000 kcal of beef requires 36,200 kcal of feed? The energy efficiency of the production of animal source foods is very low, however this is not the only reason why we promote 100% plant-based foods.

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